Planet Quest: A Solar System Adventure

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by Mme Casey

Price: 550 points or $5.5 USD

Subjects: games,science,earthAndSpaceScience,earthAndTheSolarSystem

Grades: 3,4

Description: Join Dr. Starbright on a thrilling solar system adventure in "Planet Quest"! This interactive Boom card deck is perfect for 3rd and 4th-grade students who are eager to learn about the planets in our galaxy. In this educational game, students will test their knowledge by answering multiple-choice and true or false questions about the different planets in our solar system. From identifying fun facts to uncovering interesting trivia, students will deepen their understanding of the planets and their unique characteristics. But the excitement doesn't end there! After mastering the multiple-choice and true or false questions, students will embark on a special mission to arrange the planets in order from closest to the sun to farthest from the sun. This hands-on activity will challenge students to demonstrate their understanding of planetary orbits and distances. With a total of 52 cards filled with engaging content and interactive activities, "Planet Quest" is a cosmic journey that will spark curiosity and fascination about the wonders of our solar system. Are you ready to blast off into space with Dr. Starbright? Let the planet quest begin!