Halloween Speech Therapy Past Tense Verbs Haunted Flashlight

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by Speech Sprouts

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Subjects: speech,specialed,holiday,halloween,communicationSkills,expressiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Animated pictures with a narrated Halloween story! Practice answering WH questions with past tense verbs as you find the objects with your haunted flashlight. What happened? Your students will love using their flashlight to find the object named on each card as they listen to the story about Halloween night. Then advance to the next card and choose the correct past tense verb to tell what happened. The story includes 8 regular past tense verbs and 2 irregular past tense verbs. Try the preview to see the animation! Great for speech teletherapy and English language arts distance learning or centers, this set includes: • 10 animated past tense verbs are targeted: blinked, flew, laughed, danced, walked, looked, crawled, floated, stirred, ate, and flew • 10 Story cards providing verb practice, describing practice and story retell practice. • 10 Question cards with 3 verb tense choices for answering What happened? In the story. For example, blink, blinked, blinking. • Answers are randomized on each card • Plenty of opportunities to use present tense verb+ing when talking about each page. • Lots of opportunities for describing additional objects “found” by flashlight. Will it be the zombie, the ghost, or the witch? Or maybe the purple monster who's tossing candy corn in his mouth! • Opportunities for story retell. If you like this deck, check out my: Animated What Doing? Questions with Regular Past Tense + ed Verbs