Thanksgiving Bilingual Core Vocabulary Book

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by Bilingual Speechie

Price: 500 points or $5 USD

Subjects: speech,specialed,language

Grades: 15

Description: This is a fun and interactive bilingual book which is perfect for any Thanksgiving-themed lesson. These set of Boom cards includes two interactive books (Spanish & English). The activity primarily targets core vocabulary and allows for the student to capture the true meaning of the selected core word with the picture interactions that take place throughout the book. The following core words are targeted in BOTH English & Spanish: SEE / VEO PUT / PONER EAT / COMER HUNGRY / HAMBRE HELP / AYUDAR ALL DONE / SE ACABO LIKE / GUSTA IN / Word will be "EN" WANT / QUIERO MORE / MÁS OPEN/ ABRE