Teen Number Sense Activities

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by Aussie Waves

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Subjects: mathElementary,math

Grades: 13,1

Description: 100 fun, digital Math tasks to introduce and reinforce teen numbers: number sense activities 0-20, with emphasis on teen numbers. This deck helps Kinder students understand the sequence of counting numbers and the different ways to represent and combine numbers to make 20. Suitable for individuals and small groups and Math centre activities These activities increase in difficulty, so help you cater for abilities. What’s included? This is huge! **Find the number 1 more and 1 less ** Find the number  various more and less ** Drag numbers into cardinal sequence: random start: counting up and down ** Recognising numbers represented with dominoes, tally marks, 10 frames, ** Representing numbers with tally marks, base 10 blocks, 10 frames, simple addition and subtraction, words, items ** Make specific numbers with frames and images Students answer by dragging and dropping, typing, multiple choice and clicking.