Artic Robot Lab Boom Cards /p/ FREEBIE

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by Panda Speech

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13

Description: This activity was designed as a fun way to practice articulation using Boom Cards. This card deck contains the following sounds: initial, medial, and final p. There are 12 target words for each sound position. This is a freebie sample, more decks will be added. There will be three bundles: early sounds, later sounds, all sounds. Not all sounds will be included, I will make commonly targeted phonemes. There are two activities in this deck for each sound position. Practice the word and put the robots in the robot lab: There is a target word at the top of the page. The student will say the word each time they put a robot in the robot lab. Build a Robot: The student will build the robot and practice the target word each time the cover it up with a robot part. The therapist can determine the number of trials on these cards (two cards with 6 words each). To get over 100 trials, have the student say the target word 3-4X each on the Build a Robot cards.