Learn the Letter X: Highly Supportive

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by Anne Gardner

Price: 150 points or $1.5 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This Boom Deck™ is designed to help students learn the letter X and the /x/ sound. Direct instruction is featured throughout this deck. Students do not need to know the letter X prior to "playing" to experience a high level of success. Full voice support is provided. Students who know how to use Boom Cards will generally be able to complete this deck independently. While learning the letter X, students are also introduced to important concepts of print to support their early reading skills. Each skill is explained before students are asked to complete a task. These interactive Boom Cards™ make learning fun! They are ideal for both distance learning and use in the classroom. This Deck is Part of a Direct Instruction of the Alphabet Series that Includes: ★ Introduction to the uppercase letter ★ Introduction to the lowercase letter ★ Introduction to the letter sound ★ Sound discrimination with the featured sound ★ For the Letter X: Selecting items that end with the featured sound ★ Upper and lowercase identification ★ Simple sentence: Intro sentence vs. picture ★ Find the uppercase letter at the beginning of the sentence ★ Find the lowercase letter in the word ★ Letter discrimination: Upper and lowercase letters ★ Trace the upper and lowercase letter Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Sincerely, Anne Gardner (National Board Certified in Literacy)