COMPARE & CONTRAST: Clothes, Furniture, Appliances (Multiple Choice, Venn Diagram)

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by Speechie Witchie

Price: 250 points or $2.5 USD

Subjects: speech,cognition,receptiveLanguage,expressiveLanguage,cognitionExecutiveFunctioning

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: Compare and contrast clothing, furniture, and appliances using multiple choices, boxes, and Venn diagrams. This deck compares and contrasts using mostly function, location, physical appearances, texture, and categories to describe the clothes, furniture, and appliances. This deck has a total of 41 cards. It tackles 20 clothes, furniture, and appliances, paired into 10 pairs for students to work with in 4 different levels: 1. Compare (Multiple Choices) 2. Contrast (Multiple Choices) 3. Compare and Contrast (Sorting Boxes) 4. Compare and Contrast (Venn Diagram) This deck is also part of a bundle found in my store for a discounted price. The bundle includes different versions of this Compare and Contrast deck: 1. School and House Objects 2. Animal and Food Items 3. Community Helpers, Places, and Vehicles 4. Clothes, Furniture, and Appliances 5. Mixed Categories Each deck can also be purchased separately from my store.