Question of the Day- WINTER

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by AUsome Adolescents

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Subjects: ela,sel,speech,specialed

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: WINTER themed Question of the Day Deck includes 35 questions -- perfect for a unique question each day. Students pick a question from the main screen (could be the current date, day of school, or at random). Questions include: 1) YES/NO and 2) Would you rather? (choice of 2) Deck works great if facilitated by an instructor either working 1:1 or in small/whole group with class.-- great for in person or virtual instruction. If working individually or 1:1--> , students can click their own response. Instructors can encourage students to type their response in a separate document or handwrite on a piece of paper (full sentence if possible). If using in whole group -- students could respond one by one (In person or virtually) to answer the question. Students can still handwrite or type their answer using a full sentence. Students could also practice asking each other the question (or creating extension questions) to learn more about their peers. Fun introducton when getting to know new students! Great to work on answering questions, writing/creating sentences, summer vocabulary, asking questions, and many more language/social skills!