I Spy Red Things! Interactive Book About the Color RED

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by Panda Speech

Price: 250 points or $2.5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: How I use this book: I use this book with students who are still learning to identify colors. It is a way to bombard each color (I have a book for each primary color). I also use it as a language activity (identifying the object after hearing a description). Read the “I Spy” prompt at the top of the book. The student will identify the object on the page that matches the description tap it (it will circle the image). The will then drag the matching picture symbol in the sentence strip and verbalize it “The apple is red.” When they click submit, it will check the answer (they will turn green and you should hear the "ding" song if you have that feature on). The last page of the book is a comprehension check, there are multiple colored objects and they are asked to find more red things (by tapping or clicking them). This page is self checking too by clicking the blue submit button. AUDIO ADDED 3/22/21 These books were designed to be simple and functional without a lot of distracting images or text. I hope you find them useful! I love using them in speech therapy sessions! Many children will recognize the functional vocabulary in these books and get excited to use the symbols and pieces! Please note: I have a print version on Teachers Pay Teachers that includes this BOOM Book for FREE. DO NOT buy this if you own that version.