Beginning F Blends Monster Online School

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by Designed to Educate By DEB

Price: 275 points or $2.75 USD

Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,games,phonics

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This high interest game is a FUN way to practice decoding skills! GAME PLAY: Look (or listen to audio) at picture the monster teacher points to. Listen to beginning blend. Move thumbs up icon to monster with the correct blend. Answer options include common mistakes (initial consonant & vowel instead of blend, reversing the order of letters in the blend, ending sound instead of beginning blend, etc). Get specific error feedback on student needs in a detailed report if you choose a paid Boom subscription! At the end of the deck, students win a monster's "favorite lunch" - garbage veggies & green tea! INCLUDES: ✽AUDIO for all directions, guided practice, blend images & "winner" slide ✽31 Boom Cards ✽Gifs throughout game (on 23 slides!) ✽Immediate feedback to students which results in better learning ✽PDF with link to Boom Cards GREAT FOR: ✽Learning (or practice with) isolating beginning blends ✽Quick assessment - get great detailed reports from Boom ✽Independent work ✽ELL students (due to audio supports) ✽Improving reading foundational skills ✽High interest activity Check out the BUNDLE of Monster Beginning Blends: TRY PREVIEWS OF THE FIRST 4 CARDS in each deck!