St. Patrick's Day Kaboom Game

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by Key Ideas

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: firstDayOfWinter,math,operationsAndAlgebraicThinking,multiplicationAndDivision,holiday,stPatricksDay

Grades: 3,4

Description: The Key Idea behind this game is that students practice multiplication facts while playing a fun game of chance! This game has 20 multiple choice multiplication problems with navigation and sound effects. The object of this game is to collect as many gold coins as you can. First student will solve a problem. If they get the problem wrong, the game navigates to the next problem. If they get problem right, the game navigates to a random prize selector. Students can win 1 gold coin, 10 gold coins, or get the leprechaun. The leprechaun steals your gold and your score goes back to zero. Students will need to keep track of their score on a separate piece of paper or dry erase board. Students will get a prize selector after every correct answer. If students miss the last problem of the game, they automatically get the leprechaun and their score goes back to zero. However, if they get the last problem correct, the prize selector does not have a leprechaun, so students will end the game with points. The leprechaun slides include a short cartoon laugh sound effect to make the game even more fun! My own students tested this game for me and they absolutely loved it. They kept wanting to play the game to beat their previous score! The prize selector is randomized, so students can play the game over and over and get different results each time. Standard addressed in this game: CCSS: 3.OA.C.7