Fronting Minimal Pairs K & G

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by Coyle's Communication

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Subjects: speech,phonology,phonologicalAwareness

Grades: 0

Description: 🪁 This Boom Card deck targets the phonological process of velar fronting /k/ and /g/. 🪁 7 Minimal Pair Cards for initial /t, k/ and initial /d, g/ (14 total) with Audio. 🪁 Auditory bombardment lists for K. 🪁 Receptive minimal pair word picture activities. 🪁 Expressive minimal pair open-ended word and sentence activity. 🏰 Build-A-Castle with minimal pair cards. 🟢 GUNK! Oh no, the classroom has been gunked. Clean up the gunk and find the hidden G words. 👓 Glasses are Cool. Put cool glasses on the animals. 🐐 Phonological Awareness Farm (Sound Sorting by Letter.) 💕 2 Memory Games for each contrast 🎲 2 Board Games with pawns for 2-4 players 🪁 Each set of 7 Minimal Pair cards has 9 different fun activities!