Mastering Phonics: 47 Letter Teams

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by EZPZ Phonics

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Subjects: ela,reading,englishSecondLanguage,phonics,phonologicalAwareness,eslPronunciation,foundationalSkills

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Description: This flashcard set reviews 47 letter teams including ai, ar, au, augh, aw, ay, ea, ear, ee, ei, eigh, er, ew, ey, ie, igh, ir, oa, oe, oi, oo, or, ou, ough, ow, oy, ui, ur, bu, ch, ci, ck, dge, ed, gn, gu, kn, ng, ph, sh, si, tch, th, ti, wh, wor, and wr. The set includes the words snail, shark, pause, taught, laugh, draw, play, peach, bread, steak, search, sleep, their, receipt, feisty, sleigh, and 53 more words. Each card includes pictures and audio for effective practice.