Let's Learn About: Prepositions (Inside and Outside)

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by Speech Resource Hub

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This deck targets the identification and use of prepositions INSIDE and OUTSIDE. The student is asked to choose the object/picture that is INSIDE or OUTSIDE of another object (e.g. insect inside the jar, animal outside the cage). Afterwards, the student is asked to form a sentence describing the pictured object using the preposition previously identified. The deck includes: - 20 cards for identifying the object that is INSIDE/OUTSIDE - 20 cards for using INSIDE/OUTSIDE in sentences Included concepts: - inside/outside the fridge - inside/outside the closet - inside/outside the cage - inside/outside the jar - inside/outside the box - inside/outside the bag - inside/outside the circle - inside/outside the oven - inside/outside the house - inside/outside the bowl This deck also has embedded category concepts such as: - vegetables (broccoli, carrot) - adjectives (dirty, clean) - animals (dog, cat) - insects (beetle, butterfly) - toys (car, ball) - school supplies (bag, scissors, book) - shapes (circle, star, triangle) - food/desserts/sweets (cookie, cupcake) - children/people (boy, girl) - fruits (apple, grapes)