St. Patrick's Day Sign Language Vocabulary Free

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by ASL Teaching Resources

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Description: St. Patrick's Day ASL Vocabulary is an interactive game for learning signs. This 8 card set that teaches St. Patrick's Day related signs is progressive. Be sure to get our Part 1 and Part 2 Boom Cards for the complete lessons. Part 1 (you can purchase the full deck) starts with the student learning the words and their signs. Then check their knowledge. Part 2 (you can purchase the full deck) has the student see the sign and recognize the word that matches. Next, they unscramble the words, guided by the sign, and finally, they write the words themself. Words included (12): Beard, Gold, Green, Irish, Leprechaun, Luck, March 17, Pot of Gold, Rainbow, Shamrock, St. Patrick's Day, Wish Visit our site for many more resources for elementary teachers, with English and Sign Language supported lessons and fun activities. See the videos of the signs here: