Spanish Emergent Readers: Spanish Winter Vocabulary (EL INVIERNO)

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by Le Magasin de Madame Kolev

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Subjects: language

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: EL INVIERNO - These Spanish Emergent Readers BOOM CARDS are great to initiate reading with your students in your Spanish classes or for Distance Learning. Your students will be able to have FUN learning and practicing vocabulary of 15 Winter symbols in Spanish. - This resource contains 30 DIGITAL TASK CARDS with the following activities. 1) Choose the correct image; 2) Select the correct sentence. Vocabulary in Spanish: - muñeco de nieve, bolas de nieve, suéter, trineo, copo de nieve, esquís, botas de patinaje, guante, pala, gorro, chocolate caliente, carámbanos, chalé, chimenea y orejeras.