Build-A-Sentence Scenes

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by Sunny Speech Crew

Price: 450 points or $4.5 USD

Subjects: expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,communicationSkills,lifeSkills,Special Autism,speech

Grades: 0

Description: Introducing Build-A-Sentence Scenes - the ultimate tool for speech-language pathologists and special educators seeking to supercharge their students' syntax and sentence formulation skills! Designed to engage young learners in a fun and interactive way, this resource harnesses the power of "wh" elements and captivating picture scenes to foster language development like never before. Key features of Build-A-Sentence Scenes include: -Comprehensive Coverage: Covers a wide range of "wh" elements, ensuring holistic language development. -Engaging Picture Scenes: Visually stimulating scenes that captivate students' attention and inspire creativity. -Scaffolded Levels: Each picture scene comes with two levels of difficulty that can be tailored to suit individual learning goals and preferences. -Progress Tracking: Easily gather data to monitor student progress and adapt instruction accordingly -Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates into existing lesson plans and therapy sessions for maximum convenience Whether used in the classroom, therapy room, or at home, Build-A-Sentence Scenes supports language education by making sentence formulation both effective and enjoyable. Unlock the potential of your students' communication skills with this engaging resource today!