Spanish Reading 3 of September Comprehensible Stories | ¡Hola!

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by MaestraInTheMiddle

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Subjects: language

Grades: 5,6,7,8,9

Description: This deck features 31 cards of a digital story “¡Hola!” with comprehension questions throughout in Spanish. This is the third Spanish comprehensible story for my September edition. Students will practice reading and identifying personal descriptions, personality, likes/dislikes, emotions, meeting one another vocabulary and a short dialogue in present tense for level 1. This is about a boy who is shy but nice. No one talks to the boy in school, until a girl does say hello to him and shows the power of greeting one another. Comprehension Questions are multiple choice and short answer and are built within the story. This deck contains: -1 short story in Spanish (present tense for level 1) -Multiple choice questions -Short answer questions Vocabulario used: super 7 (está, le gusta, tiene, va a, es, hay, quiere), se llama, las clases, adjetivos (simpática, gracioso, inteligente), ve, jugar videojuegos, habla, dice, enojado, feliz, nerviosa, triste If you have questions or suggestions please email Thank you!!