Identify the Cleaning Product/Tool/Supply

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by 5CrazyBoys

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: edtech,speech,specialed

Grades: 7,8,9,11

Description: In this fun activity, students will look at a cleaning product or tool and then choose from 3 multiple choice answers the name of that product or tool. This activity is perfect for use with in person, virtual or hybrid learners in speech therapy, special education and transition classes who need additional practice with identifying the names of different cleaning products and tools. There are 35 different pictures of cleaning products and tools. Some of the names of the items are repeated such as broom- with different pictures of brooms because not all of them look the same and students should be able to identify multiple images of the same item. The cards and the answer choices are set to rotate each time the deck is played so it could be played more than once without boredom.