LIFE SKILLS: Self-Care: HYGIENE Vocabulary Hide n Seek

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by Atypical Living

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Subjects: speech,specialed,ot,Special Autism,lifeSkills,specialAdults,activitiesOfDailyLiving

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Description: Target the important life skill of physical self-care playing hide-n-seek (well, really just seek!) with the HYGIENE items. This deck contains 22 different home cleaning items. Every item is secretly hidden in a beautiful room. Enjoy! Deck saved in Flow Magic form so the slides won't automatically turn to the next slide. This gives the SLP/teacher more control and able to have discussions about the current slide. PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW TO ADVANCE EACH SLIDE. Possible goals to target: -identify hygiene cleaning items -label hygiene items -identify items by function -label function of item -tell location using prepositions -label rooms in house -express opinion Possible Prompts: "Can you find something to help you take care of your body?" "I spy a nail clipper! Can you find it?" "Where is the washcloth?" "I'll give you a hint. Look UNDER the bed." "What room is this?" "I really like this room, do you?" "I can't find it. Will you tell me where you see it?" "What can we clean with that?