Complete the R-Controlled Vowel Phonemic Awareness

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by the OG SLP

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Subjects: readingSkills,phonics,phonologicalAwareness,foundationalSkills,reading,speech,vocabAcquisitionAndUse

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Boost phonemic awareness skills for r-controlled vowels with this 48-card phonics deck. Students must look at each picture, listen for the missing sound, and determine the letters that spell that sound. All 5 r-controlled vowel sound spellings are an option on each card. The deck is balanced for r-controlled sounds (ar, or, er) and spellings (ar, or, er, ir, ur). The 3 sounds of /er/ are listed next to each other. With the instant feedback feature, students immediately know if they've chosen the correct answer, fostering a self-paced, adaptive learning environment. If incorrect, students can choose a different answer. If correct, the next card appears. This deck can complement your review lessons for r-controlled vowels within your structured literacy or Orton-Gillingham lessons. Science of Reading aligned. Also a great activity for students working on vocalic r with articulation students. The picture support helps build vocabulary knowledge and is particularly helpful for students learning English as a new language.