Halloween Trick or Treat Game - S in All Word Positions Speech Articulation

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by Sandy Robinson

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Subjects: speech,holiday,games,halloween,articulation

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Halloween Trick or Treat game for addressing speech articulation goals. Each game board features 10 words of the deck's target sound - either in initial word position, medial word position, or final word position. There is also an option to familiarize the student with the vocabulary used on the game boards prior to playing the games - or just for added practice. The student chooses their Halloween character/costume to move along the game board. The goal of the game is for the character to make it back to their house before the game ends. The "goblins" will try to stop them by sending them back to the previous house. The game is different each time it is played, as the underlying cards are different with each new game played. Enjoy Trick-or-Treating!