Clark's Halloween Fun (Interactive Activity Book)

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by Cloud Learners

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Subjects: ot,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,15

Description: Clark Halloween Fun (Interactive Activity Book) Clark will go trick-or-treating! Join him in this interactive activity as he enjoys his Halloween time! This deck includes the following: -Yes or No Questions (Labeling, Category, Reasoning) -Concepts (Qualitative, Quantitative) -Wh- Question (Halloween Concepts) -Wh- Question (Interactive Scenes) -Sentence Building -Following Commands (1-2 step, Qualitative, Quantitative) -Sequencing Target the following goals: - Answering Questions (Wh- Questions, Yes or No) - Listening Tasks - Vocabulary and Concepts - Making Inferences - Sequencing All images are originally created by Cloud Learners!