Short E Blending

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by Kristy Rivera

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: These 20 task cards will have your students practicing sounding out, blending, and reading Short E CVC Words. They will point to the dots under each letter as they say the sounds then blend the sound together to read the word. After the word has been read they will choose the correct picture that matches the word from the 3 picture choices. Words/Pictures that are included: Bed, Fed, Red, Wed, Leg, Peg, Beg, Den, Hen, Men, Pen, Ten, Jet, Net, Pet, Set, Vet, Wet, Web, Hem CCSS Standards: CCSS.RF.K.2d, CCSS.RF.K.3, CCSS.RF.K.3b, CCSS.RF.1.3, CCSS.RF.1.3b