Comparative and Superlatives Lesson

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by BigDogCards

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Subjects: englishSecondLanguage,elaLanguage,conventionsOfStandardEnglish,expressiveLanguage

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Description: Are you targeting comparative and superlatives or looking for a lesson on morphology? Tailored for speech therapists, ESL instructors, or language arts teachers , this lesson on comparatives and superlatives offers a comprehensive approach to Sentence development. Students will learn how to use the (-er and -est) forms correctly in sentences. Included are the exceptions of the rule ( Good / Bad / Far ). This is a 76 card deck with instructional slides, 53 fill in the blank, scaffolded slides and 17 open ended slides to help your student Develop grammatical sentences with these forms. As always, my artwork is geared for OLDER students. If interested for the accompanying PRINITIE- search the printie section of my studio for the worksheets with the same title. ( Comparative and Superlatives PRINTIE)