Beginning Sounds, St. Patrick's Day (English/Spanish)

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by Yellow Brick Road SLP

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Subjects: speech,specialed,ela,language,nativelanguage

Grades: 0

Description: Beginning sounds digital product that can be used with English and/or Spanish speaking students. This bilingual activity will help them identify the initial sound of common objects given a field of 4 letters/sounds Your students will enjoy the colorful pictures and the St. Patrick's day spirit. 15 pages included! Words included: (EN) banana/ (ES) banana (AmL)* (EN) igloo/ (ES) iglú (EN) pizza/ (ES) pizza (EN) volcano/ (ES) volcán (EN) bus/ (ES) bus (EN) computer/ (ES) computador/computadora (AmL)* (EN) piano/ (ES) piano (EN) pineapple/ (ES) piña (EN) potato/ (ES) patata/papa (AmL)* (EN) classroom/ (ES) clase (EN) tomato/ (ES) tomate (EN) sun/ (ES) sol (EN) alphabet/ (ES) alfabeto/abecedario (EN) car/ (ES) coche/carro (AmL)* *(AmL): words used in Latin American Spanish. Thank you for purchasing! Enjoy!! :)