Beaver 4 - Decompose 11-19 - Ten and Ones

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by CBE Piggy

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Subjects: counting,cardinality,additionAndSubtraction,placeValue,baseTen

Grades: 13

Description: Beaver 4 is about breaking the numbers 11 to 19 into a ten and the remaining ones. There is an example slide showing all the steps to complete on the base-ten chart. The beginning cards are missing the counters. Then, some cards show the counters, but the numbers are missing. Finally, students must complete two full base-ten charts with counters and numbers. The Beaver Path reinforces combinations of 10 and the foundational base-ten knowledge of finding 10 in a number 11 to 19. All decks contain audio directions and prompts on each card. Decks are sequenced to provide students with increasing difficulty. Beavers 1, 2, and 3 have students practice the missing partner to make 10. Students use tens frames, number bonds, and equations. Beavers 4 and 5 are about decomposing the number 11 to 19 into a ten and remaining ones. Students use a base ten chart and counters and number bonds.