"The Little Blue Truck's Valentine" Book Companion

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by Speech Language Pirates

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Target a variety of language skills to correspond with the book "The Little Blue Truck's Valentine". -Wh- Questions: Field of 3 visual answer choices to do with comprehension. 17 cards -Matching Valentine's: Match the valentine to the animal that received it. 1 card -Synonyms: match the word that mean the same (printed words). 1 card -Antonyms: match the words that mean the oppostie (printed words). 1 card -Map - Sequencing: Drive Little Blue along that road to deliver valentines to all of the farm animals. Use this to sequence the story, as animals are presented in order of the book. 1 card -Same/Different: Choose the picture (from a field of 3) that is the same or different, depending on what is asked. 14 cards -In/Out: Choose which heart (field of 2) is in or out of the truck, depending on what is asked. 10 cards