Fall Vocabulary and Language

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by Listening Fun

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13

Description: Fall Vocab and Language: Designed for preschool teachers, speech therapists, and teachers of the deaf to review fall vocabulary and then practice early language skills. Practice vocabulary with the "vocab find" cards: students can "rake" up the leaves to reveal the vocabulary. The words are written on the bottom in light gray so the teacher can present the information auditory first to practice listening comprehension skills. There are 5 setups that allow for practicing the following language skills: possessives, pronouns, descriptions, functions, quantity, superlatives, plurals, colors, compative -er, top/middle/bottom, and negation. Although each activity has suggested targets, this is an open ended resource that can be used for many purposes by the teacher or therapist. DUE TO THE OPEN ENDED NATURE OF THIS DECK, IT IS NOT SELF-CHECKING.