Thanksgiving - What Should Shawn Shop For? - PROMPT Stage IV - Labial Facial Control

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by PROMPT Institute

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This product has been designed for PROMPT-trained Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) that have completed the Introduction to PROMPT workshop. Use of these materials by those who are not PROMPT-trained SLPs may cause detrimental effects to those it is administered to. The PROMPT Institute assumes no liability for anyone's use of this program. This deck provides activities for PROMPT-trained SLPs that are working in Stage IV (labial/facial control) and addresses the following motor speech breakdowns: 1. Improving initial condition 2. Developing medial 1/3 lip contact 3. Developing independent lip movement 4. Developing individual lip movement 5. Developing rounding 6. Developing retraction 7. Increasing degrees of freedom A “homework” link with parent/caregiver reinforcement activities is provided at the end of the deck. This convenient form is a fast and easy way you to extend the power of your therapy. PROMPT-trained SLPs can view supplemental slides at the end of this activity for directions regarding how to apply within the PROMPT conceptual framework. Materials contained in this product contain copyrighted material of the PROMPT Institute. Reproduction or sharing copyrighted material outside of this product is prohibited, unless written permission is first obtained by the PROMPT Institute. Please visit to learn more about PROMPT and PROMPT training.