0042 - Fox 1 - CVC short a

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by CBE Piggy

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Subjects: foundationalSkills,phonics

Grades: 13,1

Description: Fox 1 has students read a CVC word with short /a/ and choose a matching picture from three options. The Fox Path reinforces decoding skills. All decks contain audio directions on the first card. Decks are sequenced to provide students with increasing difficulty. Fox 2 and 3 are the same, but with short /o/ words and short /u/ words, respectively. Fox 4 begins a new format in which there are three pictures and three buttons containing short /a/, /o/, or /u/ CVC words. Students must drag and drop the correct word to match the picture. Foxes 5, 6, and 7 follow the same format, but contain a mix of CVC words with all vowels represented. All decks are designed with specific distractors to ensure students are fully decoding each word.