Healthy Themed Language Activities

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by BeckySAYS SLP

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Subjects: receptiveLanguage,specialed,lifeSkills

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This deck targets language activities based off a healthy theme. The deck includes: - 17 cards, Exercises - 16 cards, Questions (ID, field of 3) - 4 cards, Sorting Activities There are 15 targeted exercises. There are two cards that depict all exercises. For one, click an exercise and you will be taken to a full page that says, "Can you ___?" with an image of the exercise. For the second, move the heart to your favorite exercise. *There are 20 hearts total. Targeted exercises include: bike, climb, dance, ice skate, jump, lift weights, row, run, ski, skip, stretch, surf, swim, walk, and yoga. Cards for Questions (ID, Field of 3) target what and were questions. Click the response you think is correct. Answers will show as correct or wrong. Sorting activities are as follows: Sort the Activities-healthy/unhealthy and Sort the Foods-healthy/unhealthy, fruits/vegetables, and dairy/grains/meat. There are 10 images on each card. Move the images to the correct spot. Press "Submit" to see if your answers are correct. *Images are randomized on cards for questions and sorting activities.