Penguin Facts and Life Cycle

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by Today, in Second Grade

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2

Description: This "Penguin Facts and Life Cycle" comprehension game includes 25 cards. There are 7 pages of Penguin Life Cycle information at the beginning of the deck. It includes voice recordings of the text. Students can pause the recordings and read the story themselves. There are also 3 Penguin Information cards towards the end of the deck. These also include voice recordings of the text that can be paused so that students can read it themselves. There are 6 comprehension activities: Students will answer 8 multiple choice questions about the Penguin Life Cycle. Students will drag and drop the stages of the Penguin Life Cycle to the correct spaces on the Penguin Life Cycle diagram. Students will answer 3 multiple choice questions about penguin facts. Students will tap the foods that penguins eat. Students will tap the penguin predators. Students will write their favorite penguin fact.