Core Word Valentine's Day Story ft. Who Questions

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by Welcome to Words

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This digital, no-prep, no-print Valentine's Day virtual Boom Card interactive story features core vocabulary including, "open," "stop," "eat," and "all done." This deck targets many additional skills including answering "who" questions, following 1 step commands, part-whole relationships, and inferencing. It starts with you receiving a big box of chocolates that you open and are so excited to eat/share with your learner. But to your dismay, whenever you reach for a chocolate, it gets taken by a different animal that quickly sneaks away! Answer "who" questions to figure out which animals took your chocolates. Follow 1 step directions by clicking on the necessary items in order to find the chocolates and return them to your box so you can indulge. Audio instructions are embedded within the deck; turning off audio is always optional. Skills to Target: Core Vocabulary: Open, Stop, No, Eat, All Done Describing Utterance expansion, sentence building Part to Whole Relationships Inferencing Who questions Labeling animals