Valentine Roll/Spin Language Activity

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by lil mae's speech

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Subjects: speech,specialed,ela,holiday,valentinesDay

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Valentine Roll/Spin Language Activity Product Description: This is a Valentine’s Day roll or spin language activity. Grab some dice or a spinner to play this game. Roll the dice or spin the spinner to determine what row to pick your heart from. Complete the language task inside the heart and cover the heart with a candy heart. Thirty hearts are provided for each language task to provide multiple opportunities for practice. See how many hearts you can cover! This activity will work great for distance learning and teletherapy. This product includes the following language concepts: Functions: state the function of each item Categories: state what category the given item is in Naming: name 2-3 items in a given category Describing: describe each item by stating 2-3 attributes of the given item Associations: name something that can go with the given item Action Verbs: state the –ing verb of the picture or make a sentence utilizing the action verb Compare/contrast: state similarities and differences of the given items Antonyms: state the antonym of the given words Synonyms: state the synonym of the given words Multiple meaning words: state two meanings for the given word Where do I belong? state where you would find the given items What Season? state the season of when you would see the given items What do they do? state what each person is responsible for Irregular & Regular past tense verbs: state the past tense verb of the given word