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by 5Minz4OT

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Subjects: ot

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: 15 pages of winter themed activities focusing on fine motor skills. Activities include -- winter clothing item selection, left to right visual scanning (add a start and stop at the beg and end), same & different, tall, short and dive down letter identification, finger counting and motor planning, winter sentence writing. For kindergarten, preschool, SPED, child care, homeschool, or any early childhood setting.Tall, short and dive down practice can be used with lined paper to practice letter placement. Materials Needed: It is helpful for the child to have a paper and pencil or a dry erase board to practice writing as we move through the cards 1. Visual scanning exercise - use your cursor and have the student follow the cursor visually saying the item you have asked the child to say when it hits that item 3.Find the short lowercase letters, practice writing on paper 4.What is different. I like to have them describe where things are focusing on top, middle ,bottom and right and left. 5.How Many Fingers? Motor planning finger movements. 6. Memory activity 7. Find the tall letters. What are the missing tall letters. Have them write them all. 8. Joke have student write the joke from near copy or memory or write the punchline 9. Finger counting & motor planning 10. Dive down letters. Write all the dive down letters. 11. Unscramble the joke. Write any part of this. 12. Tall,short and dive down letter globes-Put the letters in the correct globe 13. Type the riddle correct order.