FREEBIE _ WORKPLACE SKILLS: working in a cafe or restaurant.

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by Hairy Mary

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Description: FREEBIE: Work Experience skills for cafe or restaurant environment. This free sample contains 2 out of the 18 scenes of a program currently available in my Hairy Mary TPT shop Program that target’s communication skills used in café/restaurants: i. reading body language and facial expressions in order to infer other people’s feelings or make choices about the right time to approach people. ii. making inferences and predictions about past or future events iii. identifying another person’s point of view and thinking about what someone else might be thinking iv. practice verbal communication skills such as making judgements about what is an appropriate thing to say in customer service, understanding idioms and jargon used everyday. v. problem solving tasks to try and work out the best solution to an event in the workplace. Solutions suggested often involve asking manager for help or using assertive skills to organise a break in order to regulate. The person I created this program for is a teenager who started a work experience program that is part of his transition from school to the work environment. He has an Autism diagnosis and struggles to read the room, see another person's point of view or communicate in a way that is consistent with good customer service. This program is being used to establish specific cafe/restaurant interaction/communication skills and his Support worker will help to applying this knowledge to real life tasks in the workplace.