Dinosaur Time Travel! all /z/ positions

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by Karina Kung SLP

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Help your kiddo hit their artic goals with this fun dinosaur time-travel game! Follow the instructions of the story and progress by clicking the 'next' button on each respective slide. Go through your targets together to continue moving forward. Each target card has a different 'trigger' word which will take you to the next part of the story Most slides have some sort of draggable element to play with. There are 12 targets each and there are 6 target cards throughout the story. Lots of opportunity for practice! Sounds are included in this deck, please turn them off if they will be distracting The words included in this set are: z-initial: zap, zebra, zelda, zero, zipcode, zipper, zombie, zone, zoo, zookeeper, zoom, zucchini z-medial: cheesecake, closet, dozen, freezer, fuzzy, lazy, magazine, music, poison, present, puzzle, razor z-final: bananas, bees, boys, cheese, cookies, flowers, hose, keys, knees, please, rose, sneeze