2-Step Directions: Set B

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by Word Glue

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Subjects: receptiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: DESCRIPTION 2-Step Directions: First/Then Sequencing SET B This deck targets 2-step directions using first/then terminology. The learner will be asked to select/touch labeled nouns presented singularly within food theme. Once either of the described nouns are selected a green circle will populate around the item indicating correct selection. This deck is not sensitive to sequencing of selection, so learner will have to be redirected if items are selected in an incorrect sequence. FEATURES -10 cards for easy data collecting -First/Then terminology targeted -Strictly nouns asked to select -Reduced variables with F:2 Selections -Repeated vocabulary (apple, carrot, banana, juice, pizza) -Randomized presentation each play