Basketball Homophones Read and Match - March Phonics Madness

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by the OG SLP

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Subjects: phonics,readingSkills,reading,eslVocab,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,speech

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Score! These homophones read and match cards allow students to "shoot" the word into the corresponding hoop. The deck contains 48 cards, each depicting a set of homophone words (e.g., meet, meat) on basketball hoops. There is one basketball per card, which contains the correct spelling of ONE of the homophones (e.g., meet). The student should read the word and decide which picture represents the meaning/correct spelling of that word. The student can drag the ball onto any part of the hoop or net. ALL homophones within this deck contain LONG VOWEL SPELLINGS (e.g., vowel teams and magic e, CVCe pattern). This activity is perfect for your basketball lovers, especially during the March Madness time of the year. It aligns with the Science of Reading research and can complement your Orton-Gillingham lessons. Working with homophones helps students see multiple spellings for the same phoneme and understand that spelling changes word meanings. Homophones tap into both phonemic awareness and vocabulary knowledge and are important for English language learners and students with language impairments and reading-based language impairments to practice with explicit, targeted instruction.