Disguise a Turkey Place Value

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by Chalk One Up for the Teacher

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3

Description: These 96 cards will help your students become skilled in all aspects of place value. To add to the fun, students will help the turkey build his disguise with each correct answer. Each section has 7 practice problems. At the end of each section students will get an encouraging prompt for their hard work. The topics include: -Identifying the Value of a Number in the Tens Place -Identifying a Two Digit Number and Finding it on the Hundreds Chart -Identifying the Value of a Number in the Hundreds Place -Counting Place Value Blocks (2 and 3-digit numbers) -Identifying the Value of an Underlined Number -Identifying the Number in the Ones, Tens, and Hundreds Places -Identifying the Number Represented in Expanded Form -Identifying the Expanded Form That Represents a Given Number -Identifying the Number That Matches the Word Form -Comparing 3-Digit Numbers Using <, >, or = -Identifying the Number That is 10 More -Identifying the Number That is 100 More