Make a Ten to add to 20

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by The Chocolate Teacher

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Subjects: math,additionAndSubtraction

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Are you looking for a fun way for your kindergarten, first, or second grade students to practice the addition strategy of make a ten to add to 20? This fun deck is just what you need! This deck includes 31 cards to use for practice. The first 21 cards have ten frames or a counting object and counters for students to move to make a ten to add. As they are adding they are building a robot one piece at a time. Each robot is built is 7 cards, so there are 3 different robots built. One robot is built by dragging counters to make a ten to add. Another robot is made by dragging counters to count on. The last robot is made by decomposing the 2nd addend to make a ten. The last 9 cards of the deck are a mystery picture reveal. Students will drag the correct answer of each equation to the designated box. As they correctly answer each equation, a little bit of the picture is revealed. On the tenth card the picture is revealed and there is a fun math riddle for them to listen to. This deck is one that can be used over and over to practice the making ten addition strategy. It's perfect for math groups, as homework, as intervention, or for distance learning. Common core aligned to 1.OA.6 but can be used with any math program.