Word squares 4x4 magic word puzzles with hints & letters (easier)

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by Christopher D. Morgan

Price: 495 points or $4.95 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: Word squares 4x4 magic word puzzles: fun word puzzle crossword-like game. It consists of a 4x4 grid into which words are written such that the same words can be read both horizontally and vertically. In this 4x4 version, there are 4 hints provided for each of the 4 words that need to be found. The answer to hint 1 is a 4-letter word that is placed into horizontal row 1 as well as into vertical column 1. The answer to hint 2 is a 4-letter word that is placed into horizontal row 2 as well as into vertical column 2, and so on. Solve all 4 hints and place the corresponding 4 words, letter-by-letter in the appropriate rows and columns to complete the grid. EASIER This is the easier version of this puzzle. All the letters that form the answers are already provided, so it's more like an anagram game. You just have to drag the letters into the appropriate square on the grid. Finding one word means fewer letters for the remaining words, so they become easier to solve. In the harder version of the game, which has the same grids and solutions, there are no letters provided to help you, so you have to think a little harder. AUDIO ASSIST This deck features audio assist. The instructions and hints on each card can be read aloud by clicking on the speaker icon next to the text. Decks in this series - Word squares 4x4 EASIER with hints & letters (THIS ONE) - Word squares 4x4 HARDER with hints only - Word squares 5x5 EASIER with hints & letters - Word squares 5x5 HARDER with hints only