Emotions Puzzle Match-Up

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by InclusiveIQ

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Subjects: sel,specialed,games

Grades: 0

Description: Engage young learners with this interactive feelings and emotions puzzle matching activity! Students will love exploring a variety of emotions through real-world photos featuring children expressing different feelings. With nine emotions to explore – happy, sad, mad, scared, proud, tired, calm, surprised, and silly – this activity encourages emotional recognition and empathy development. How to Play: Study the emotions listed: happy, sad, mad, scared, proud, tired, calm, surprised, silly. Examine the images of children expressing various emotions. Drag and drop each emotion label to the corresponding photo depicting that emotion. Match all emotions correctly to complete the puzzle! Key Features: Real-world photos for authentic emotional recognition. Nine different emotions to explore. Drag-and-drop interface for easy interaction. Encourages empathy and emotional intelligence development. Suitable for individual or group play in classroom or remote learning settings. Get ready to dive into the world of emotions with this fun and educational Boom Cards activity!