FREE Spring Articulation P Words

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by ABG Speech Therapy

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Subjects: articulation,firstDayOfSpring,phonology,seasonSummer,earthDay,holiday,fineMotorSkills

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: This FREE Spring themed articulation deck includes P pictures in ISOLATION, the INITIAL, MEDIAL and FINAL positions. Use this deck to help your students practice their sh sound in isolation, the initial, medial and final positions. The child will drag the picture on to the flower, rainboot, umbrella or cloud after they say the /p/ sound in isolation or the word. There are 10 pictures per page. DOUBLE the amount of trials by having your student put the pictures ON and OFF to decorate and redecorate the flower, umbrella, cloud and rainboot. WHAT'S INCLUDED? (40 total words) 10 p isolation 20 initial p words 10 medial p words 10 final p words A word list is also included on the bottom of each page. A bonus open ended/reinforcer is included to water the flower so that it grows Students can also use the pictures to create a sentence with each word. CHECK OUT MORE DECORATE A SPRING THEME PICTURE for sounds k and g, lateral lisp final ts, sh, ch and j, f and v, l, s blends, l blends, r blends