North Pole Escape Room

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by Ms. Stefani SLP

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Subjects: ot,speech,specialed,games,holiday,sel

Grades: 0

Description: Complete tasks in each room. Then answer a wh-question are reveal a piece of a picture. You will need to figure out who or what is in the picture to help you escape.  North Pole Escape Room can be used for a variety of language and speech skills.   -Following directions -Learning concepts of middle, bottom, left, right, under, on top -Articulation practice targeting: s/santa, S-Blends/ snowman, stocking, R/reindeer, Rudolph, k/cookie, g/gift, R-Blends/tree, present -Language skills: requesting, commenting, asking/answering questions, describing, problem solving  -Learning Christmas vocabulary and answering Christmas Wh-Questions -Use as a fun game or reinforcer with students