Th T Auditory Discrimination #1

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by Rike Neville

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Subjects: ela,speech,englishSecondLanguage,eslPronunciation,adultSpeech,phonology

Grades: 10,11,12,15

Description: Do your adult ESL students mix up their /th/ sounds with their /t/ sounds and vice versa? They may not be able to HEAR that tricky /θ/ sound as many languages don't have it. If they cannot hear the /θ/, how can they distinguish between it and the /t/? For that, they need practice. Students will hear a word and then select the initial or final sound they heard. Each card indicates whether they should listen for the initial or final sound. Please note that I have this same deck (#2) available in a more challenging version for students who are reading. In that deck, they hear the same words, but they select the word they heard from a given pair of minimal pairs. 22 minimal pairs are for initial sounds, and 18 use final sounds. Like all my decks, I made this deck with adult students in mind. As such, this deck will not appeal to children. It is meant for high school age and older. Be sure to click on the "RELATED" tab to see what bundles include this deck. I based this deck on a worksheet activity from my Th/T Pronunciation resource (pdf) available in my TpT store.