¿Cómo eres? Ser + physical traits

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by Dama Llama Spanish

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Subjects: language

Grades: 7,8,9,10,11

Description: This Boom deck lets your students practice SER and TENER with physical traits adjectives in Spanish! It features 45 cards and all of the answers are auto-corrected and randomized, meaning students will see answer choices and cards in a different order than their classmates! Everything is auto-graded and there are no fill in the blank answers to contend with...easy peasy for you, fun for your students. The interactive cards include: -8 cards to practice matching subjects to different forms of the verb ser -8 cards to practice matching subjects to different forms of the verb tener -10 listening cards where students hear a physical description and click on the person it describes -15 multiple choice cards to finish sentences about the hair, eye color, height, facial features, or age of a featured person or persons -4 cards to match eye color descriptions to photos The default is set to have students play all of the cards per assignment. Boom Decks are fun to use in-class or at home and are one of my go-to activities for e-learning or sub days. Vocabulary: Verbos - ser, tener Pelo - negro, rubio, castaño, canoso, pelirrojo, calvo, largo, corto, liso, rizado Ojos - verdes, azules, marrones, grises Otro - barba, bigote, gafas, joven, viejo, alto, bajo I use this in conjunction with Chapter 5B of the Auténtico 1 textbook.