La Saint-Patrick: Les mots fréquents (3)

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by La classe de Madame Angel

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Subjects: language,instructionalFrenchCanadian,games,firstDayOfWinter,holiday,stPatricksDay

Grades: 1,2

Description: Looking for a fun way for your French students to practice their sight words? This Saint Patrick's Day themed puzzle will have students listening to a variety of "mots outils" and identifying them on the puzzle. Each time they choose the correct answer, a new piece of the picture is revealed until the whole puzzle is solved! "Mots fréquents" used in this puzzle: vient, amie, elles, sur, non, été, ils, par, que, c'est, le, quand, sa, lui, vais, aimer This is Puzzle #3 in this series. All 4 Saint Patrick's Day themed puzzles are available as a bundle here on Boom.