All About Arctic Animals! 12 Animals - Fun Facts & Mini Quizzes

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by WNYslpchelsea

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Subjects: ela,science,speech,specialed

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: This 75-card mega deck contains fun facts about 12 animals who live in the arctic! Each animal has its own page full of facts followed by a mini "quiz." Each quiz contains 5 questions that can be used for reading/listening comprehension data. Don't want to learn about all the animals at this time? No worries! Just pick whichever animal you want to target, and leave the others for another time! The animals included in the deck are: 1. narwhal 2. orca 3. snowy owl 4. puffin 5. seal 6. arctic hare 7. caribou 8. polar bear 9. arctic fox 10. walrus 11. penguin 12. moose If you like this deck, please consider leaving me 5-star feedback. If you find any errors in the deck (I checked it, but it's long so hopefully I didn't miss anything!), please message me so I can fix it!